Game Play

The game is played by similar rules that govern Bumper Pool. It is typically a contest between 2 players but team play is acceptable. To start, each player places their golf balls on the ball marks, the ball with the dot is placed on the center mark in front of the opponent's hole. To start the game, simultaneously, both players putt the dotted ball off the rail to their left to try and get it in the hole on the opposite side of field. No other balls can be played until the dotted ball is holed. If both players putt their ball in the hole they both hit the ball to the right in the same manner. If only 1 player's ball goes in they get to hit any one of their remaining balls next, and the other player does not play until first player misses. If both players miss the initial shot the player whose ball is closest to the hole goes next. The game is won by the first player that holes all 5 balls.


The strategy of the game is to play defensively. It is legal to hit your ball into your opponent's to block or remove their position to the hole.