Gary Krueger



Gary’s background is in Telecommunications engineering. When he wasn’t working at that he was busy making custom fit golf clubs for his initial venture, Gary’s Custom Clubs (hence GCC). As the club making business was winding down and he was bored and driving his wife (whom you’ll meet next) CRAZY, it was strongly suggested to him to find another venture. That is when Bumper Golf was created.



SVP of Operations


Pat’s background is in Operations of various government agency offices. She is Collin and Alaina's mother and is also responsible for keeping Gary focused, not an easy task. Pat is a voracious reader and a big history buff. She was very involved in the youth sports programs as the kids were growing up and is a certified soccer coach.


VP of Operations


Collin is employed by the USPS and is the older sibling who taught Alaina how to keep mom and dad happy by example (of what not to do). He is into “Gaming” and soccer. If there is an Arsenal game on he will be watching, sporting the colors.



VP of Social Media


Alaina has recently completed all requirements necessary to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy(DPT). She is the one who is keeping us current with the social media changes. She is into running and is also a dog lover. She hasn’t talked dad into getting a pup yet.



VP of all things metal


Tim is actively serving our country with the National Guard. He is like our 2nd son and was never shy about helping himself to the pantry and refrigerator. He is into restoring cars and driving fast, on the race track of course….



Web Design

Josh is the youngest member of GCC and is one of Alaina and Collin's many cousins. He recently graduated from high school and is attending Utah Valley University to major in Computer Science. His sport of choice is soccer and fits right in with the GCC clan.